My Employer's Two Best Friends Funeral

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

May they rest in peace. We attended my employer's two best friends funeral last Monday and yesterday, Tuesday. My employer was so sad that make her uneasy for the last few days and sleepless nights . The first one was older than my employer of about six months.They are best of friends since their very young age way back in Warsaw, Poland.The other one was younger than my employer but they are friends too since they've meet here and stayed in this kibbutz (village).

They have here different ways of funeral ceremonies. When one person died in the early morning they buried it immediately in the afternoon or before sunset if there is no family members they have to wait . If some children or grand children are need too come , the funeral office took and freeze the body in certain place. I don't know where , never seen morgue or funeral houses here.The funeral service van was big as like an ambulance that have complete stuffs needed for an emergency purposes. I am confused before that I thought it was also an ambulance but it was not .From the house of the deceased the funeral service personnel first checked the body then wrapped and tied with a cloth . They change the cloth to white and covered the coffin with black before the final walk up the grave.

Not all remains was using coffins that made of an ordinary plywood as thick as one fourth I've seen.I observed that the size of a coffin was longer than the height of each remains.In our country it was bad. It should be exact and no single centimeter distance above the head and below the feet of the remains.

First they gathered in one place like here they called it "mo'adon". This is a multi-purpose building where the painting exhibit show before, celebrating birthdays and other occasions, meeting of conferences, etc.Then next was the final walk up the cemetery.From the funeral service van they put directly to where its final resting place.They did not wait all people behind to see before they drop it to the hole.They don't have here a concrete grave which is elevated from the ground. It was dug and under the ground funeral. After all it was covered with sand every one was so silent . Every members of the family , sometimes friends or any one who want to say something how and what kind of person the deceased was or how to be a friend of the deceased, etc...etc...that most and every body was crying even I found grasping my teary eyed.

They fixed the grave after few months some are just in days, the above portion was put a concrete or marble finished with the names, date of birth and the day when they died. It was written sometimes where they came from and the cause of their death.


Anonymous August 25, 2009 at 6:58 PM  

hi vhing, dumaan lang po at di ko pa nababasa post mo..hope youre ok..god bless you sis...

Dhemz August 26, 2009 at 12:00 PM  

oh my gosh..nakikiramay ako teVhing...may they will rest in peace.

Kumusta na te? glad to back...woi, kumusta na ang renovation? tapos naba? daan me muna dito bago mag missed ko yung first day of skul ko kahapon...super pagod kasi from the trip...kaya ayon..bukas nalang ako mag skul...hehehe....ingat te....:)

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