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Now , we all know that she - Mrs. Ma. Corazon C. Aquino is laid to rest as of this moment. We must be more strong not just in words but in action together with prayers of what she left us for the future of our childrens, grandchildren and of the coming generations.We must show to the world that "WE FILIPINOS are still united until the end on fighting of our true freedom and clean to honest democracy". I'm not an activist and never involved to any activities.I even hates politics but not the politicians itself including their existing families.I do understand the so called "behind the camera is different and it is an opposite to each realities". To those new readers of this blog I would like to say that I am now working as caregiver to the mother of one prestigious politicians of this country ISRAEL but it does not bothers me who they are while they shown me a real and as one member of their family.

I felt the loneliness specially when the tv screen shown KRIS crying to all the words around she heard and received, she is grown up now and I'm sure more and more on coming days.I'm not an avid fan of hers but to her late mother I faithfully did and always be .The truth is I joined that ONE MILLION SIGNATURE for Tita Cory but sad to say I NEVER VOTE nor went to any voting center on that time of election.It was been a long and great convincing strategies of my schoolmates that we need to signed up that one million signature rolling in the universities. Why? I promise to myself I will never vote again because I grewn during that dictatorship regime so... if I will vote I believed it is all worthless.

First I meet Kris personally when they have to shoot tele-series on tv with Jimmy Fabregas at Robinson's Hypermart in Boni Ave.Mandaluyong way back early 1990's.She was not that pretty on my eyes those days unlike now but she greeted us in a nice way.I was newly promoted as an assistant supervisor at that time when she came in at our Bakeshop & Coffee shop section while I'm doing my rounds then she joined us."Good afternoon Mam, you have pretty cashiers here" then she pointed at Rachel Barraca our probationary cashier that later turned to regular cashier employee under my recommendations."Pwede s'ya mag artista kung gusto nya", (she could be a celebrity if she wants) then went out after few minutes to start filming in the parking area between Apartelle and the supermarket building.

To all my fellowmen let us pray for the everlasting peace of "Tita Cory" and the continuing freedom and democracy of our country. PAALAM PO at MARAMING SALAMAT PO AGAIN.... .


katherine August 5, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

na sige ko ani hilak gahapon sa TV, tan-aw sa wake hangtud lubong..very touching kaayo ang ilang mga stories kay Cory. wala man japon connection gahapon, igo ra man ko naka post nya nawala na sad ako internet connection so tan-aw na lafng ug TV. ka faet.

Junald Pascua August 5, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

My lola have negative thoughts about her...
Please Post a comment on the picture at Opinionated

Thank you!

hopeful August 6, 2009 at 7:39 PM  

Me too was crying watching her hangtud sa iyang memorial day.

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