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24 hours, 7 days a week, day and night with an emotional sacrifices of private caregivers.Doing their best weapons in care giving with love and concerned makes this Filipino worker stay strong until the end of his journey in HOLY LAND and the death of his employer.

SURVIVOR ABRAHAM ARONZUN from POLAND was one among the thousands escapees during Hitler's regime and the last judgement in consecration camp.He was the only one survivor in the family.Parents, brothers and sisters was left behind before he joined the group to escape straightly going to ISRAEL.Lately all of them was never heard what was happened and surely said died in the said camp.

CAREGIVERS like us working 24 hours to an employer are the great listener ,an avid fans and loyal audience in story telling times.Its a part of the work we play but it is the memory rewinding to all elderly that oftentimes needed to do.Great moments and great memories that this Filipino worker will not forget until the end of his life and his extending families.They are a part who received the benefits of all these sacrifices.Having and owned house,children's and grand children's finished studies,and to all of those given helps in time of emergencies and everything the worker have this time was because he owe all of these from the life of one holocaust survivor.

I can't imagine how did this worker make it for 10 years and 10 months in one roof together to a paralyzed and demanding kind of humans.I am wondering but not measuring how many patience he put onto it in every hours of the day.An early morning wake up ,preparing everything like food,cleaning the house,taking breakfast,need to bring lunch,taking shower before they go.He prepared all of these things for himself and for his employer too in same period of time.Everyday they went to an elderly club in not far away from where we live.Almost 5 hours of staying in the club then went back to the house.He have his own way of becoming physically fit thru biking for 30minutes or sometimes walking and jogging around the village while his employer was resting.He himself has a maintenance medicine for his high blood pressure. We are just neighbors of more than 3 years here in this village. Sometimes the whole week I never saw or talked to him while we have 5 meters distance from one door to another.In some occasions we gathered together with other workers for a short talked with drinks and cooked our own native food.


Maus December 18, 2008 at 4:23 AM  

i really salute for you kabayan..
caregiver is a noble job..
keep it strong for sure you can ...hehe

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