>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got my email today, there is a good issue regarding the situation of foriegn workers here.It's been a long time that I'm searching for this issue. I always heard from my co-workers about this court rulings for caregivers.It is good idea for me to repost a partial issues of this topic that the higher court approved.My concerned is simply saying that my readers are not all readers of JERUSALEM POST too.I want to send this messages to the families of all foriegn workers that this is the law about caregivers status as of this time.

THE JERUSALEM POST news dated:DEC 10,2008.
Justice Ministry official: High Court responsible for lack of updated immigration law

(ommitted paragraphs in this portion are not related to caregivers rights)

In another case , ATTORNEY YOCHI GNESSIN said there is a law that allows a foreign caregiver to work in Israel for five years and three months.

-------------------- "5 years and 3 months"--------------------------

However, if the patient still needs care in the last year of the caregiver's permit, the caregiver may stay as long as is needed by that particular patient.

Over the years, however, there has been a development in which after the patient dies, manpower companies find new work for the caregiver. From this point on, the caregiver is an illegal worker.

In one case, after about a year of looking after a new patient, the patient's family asked the Interior Ministry to extend the caregiver's work permit on the grounds that the patient had become attached to her.

The case reached the High Court. The petition was rejected by a vote of two-to-one, but Justice Ayala Procaccia voted in favor of allowing the caregiver to remain in Israel.


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