>> Friday, December 05, 2008

Once a month most elderly in this village gathered on these place called "MO'ADON SHESHIM".They are not complete attendance this time because some of them went to voting centers as they have an internal election for labor party today.Few of them are not feeling well in season like today, a very cold night and the daytime was too hot and windy.A temperature that most elderly had a hard time to overcome.

Rina Barkai, sitting far right with blue scarf was the major speaker of all times.They are discussing all the experiences and some historical people who brought out the legacy of their culture and traditions.It is a kind of memory rewinding for elderly here as they are talking most inspirational stories regarding Judaism.The most important and last part of the session was singing.I'm happy to see my employer,sitting first in front right,singing together ,swaying their heads and sometime clapping their hands thru the melody of the songs they sung together.And last but not the least is the snacks of all times,I'm always joining them during snack times. Sometimes I also sitting inside together with them that I've learned few things of their origin and their history.

Sitting on the center was my superior,ELI BARAK.I called it that way because he is our supervisor for all pilipino workers in this village.A very calm and slow talking man that I always respected.He is the one who fixes our legal papers,sometimes he is a carpenter when something i broke in my work,drives us to the doctor together with my employer in far hospitals appointments.Best thing with him was he never yelled at me at all.Very supportive also in terms of work.

Lastly, all these elderly are my good Friends here inside these village.I have a great time talking to them. A lot of stories being told and I'm a good listener too.


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