>> Tuesday, December 09, 2008

PRAISE GOD!!!!(image courtesy of spiritual graphics) A WONDERFUL BLESSINGS I RECEIVED EARLY MORNING TODAY.WITH THE STRONG WINDS AND BOUNTIFUL RAINS CAME AND SHOWERED US BEFORE WE START OUR DAY. My supervisor returned my passport with one (1) year working permit written on page 14. Another year of hard work ,additional future of my 3 children and a lot of challenges that i need to survive it all again. As I always said and in all my prayers that GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ME AND THERE'S NO IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM!AMEN!AMEN!!.

Yesterday's headache was gone because of my blessings early morning today.I spent my 20hrs since yesterday of changing my template. I choose from ready layout on other site.But late night it came out nothing and disappointing.I'm tired already , I feel my head was paralyzed and not responding anymore.I saw on the wall clock its 2 a.m. already.So , I stop and sleep.Around 6 a.m. again I woke up with drinking coffee in front of my laptop.I promise to my self that I will finish it before the end of this day.But when the BLESSINGS came it changes my mind to put it back again my previous design.Hardly and confusing but it takes as an easy way.

I started my daily routine early with happy and smiling face.Before my old woman woke up I already finished cleaning all parts of the house and the only thing I need to do is to clean her room after she takes shower and her breakfast.



artofreed December 15, 2008 at 6:58 PM  

Yes, I agree.
That a wonderful blessing

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