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Since I started this kind of work here I've learned a lot of things about our health.In every employer I'm working with I always asked why there are always and how many kinds of vitamins they need to take everyday.While in fact they are all eating well , but still the doctors prescribing those vitamins.WHY? that I always asked , not all the foods that we take have complete supplements that the body needs.All green producers by this time are all using chemicals for big productions. Today's statistics for agricultural products are in higher demands but less in supplies.Those chemicals in every green leafy vegetables we ate for our daily consumptions , needs vitamins to protect and fights against bacteria.

When I was young we use herbal medicine.If someone in the family got ill we first aid by using herbal around in our backyard before sending the patients to hospitals or to the nearest doctor.But now everything are already in store , a processed products from all of those herbal plants.Supplies of all medicines are now easily to find on internet worldwide. On internet shopping is more comfortable than to go anywhere to look for what you need. In , you can order anything then they deliver right at your door.

I am now using this fish oil or named OMEGA 3 , why? in my home country the secondary food was fish to mention the main meal was rice.But here in abroad I feel we are already like carnivorous .Fish is not always the food they served,but on special occasions they serve their special kind of fish . As the years goes by we need all the supplements for healthy and great feeling everyday.There are so many fish oils processed product supplements on , just look for your choices with lower prices , they are on sale of all products until 3/11/09 only.

They have new product called ACIDOPHILUS - All of probiotic acidophilus supplements are designed to stimulate the growth of "friendly" bacteria in the intestines and encourage proper nutrient absorption.Probiotic acidophilus can be important for adults who are taking antibiotics like penicillin, because penicillin may decrease healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract.For information about this new product go to

They have promo sale of all items of about 1,400 vitamins and supplements that you need from PURITAN'S PRIDE.Buy 2, Get 3 Free OR Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Puritan's Pride Brand Vitamins. Don't miss out on this great sale!


Hi! I'm Grace January 27, 2009 at 5:53 AM  

Hi Vhing, how are you doing there? Thanks for this post, we really need daily supplement in our body. Bawal magkasakit! :)

Hi! I'm Grace January 27, 2009 at 5:54 AM  

Hi Vhing, how are you doing there? Thanks for this post, we really need daily supplement in our body. Bawal magkasakit! :)

vhingF January 27, 2009 at 11:15 AM  

you said so,sis....

like us caregivers we need to be like machine we are watching our health always.


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