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>> Friday, January 09, 2009

What comes first to your mind for the word YOGA? Is it possible for all ages? or do they have any age bracket to performed it?.As I told you that I'm going on diet for using PILLS only because it is hard for me to have exercise due to my age and work schedule , but lately all my thoughts are gone wrong after I visited this website and I found a lot of interesting facts to be used in our daily life.In doing this is just 15 minutes everyday before you go to your work - inside or outside your home.It is just a matter of practising everyday or at any hour of the day that you want.

Even an elderly have their own way of doing it, I've seen it in some elderly clubs or in some elderly homes. Yes!!! I know some other laughs because most of us if we heard the word YOGA it means a folded body or needs to be elastic body but it is not true. It has a slowly but surely movements until it will come to a perfect way of performing it. Thanks that my friends told me to research on the web and try for immediate nice result.I'm not looking for body beautiful but I'm just aware of becoming the victims of some mind diseases .Specialists said if we are obese from the young ages or more than 5 years overweight there's a high risk of having deadly and long term kind of diseases.

I also thought before that it is for rich people only because they need to be a part of socialite world.Walking like a fashion model or sitting like a queens are some ways of simple yoga. Now I know that yoga has its own categories that could use for all ages .Accurate information will have answers by opening their websites.Here are some materials for beginners like me that they can provide:
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