help conserve water thru rainwater tanks with superhead first-flush filter

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyday watching television here was seen an advertisement of the drying land including human face with of course a message of conserving water because their water basin are already in low level of water and not enough to supply the whole country.Every morning I opened my window before I do anything I always look at the gutter near it.Then last few days it falls a heavy rains and peoples here are very happy when the rain comes. While watching the down sprout in a nearby door it comes out to my mind the rain water tank that manufactured in Australia.It can easily store a volume of water they need of about 300L to 300,000L or more.This rain water tanks can be long lasting storage if you install the first - flush filter. This is a kind of diverter between the downpipes and water tank inlet.It separates the dirt's from the roof and purify the rain water before flowing into the tank.Without this it damages pumps, washing machines and other appliances. Blocked sprinklers and showers . Excessive wear and shortened life on tap washers and filter cartridges.It also avoid bacteria and algae growth in your rainwater tank. Please read more on their website for additional information regarding their products.


reverse osmosis February 25, 2009 at 3:34 PM  

Rainwater tanks can conserve lot of water for sure.reminl

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