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>> Monday, March 02, 2009

Efrat's father had passed away, she is my co-worker here .Her father's name was SHRAGA WEIL was an artist, a well known person in terms of arts and paintings in this country, he wrote a lot of books that I saw one here. You can find more of his master pieces on the web.Just write his name on your search.

Efrat used to come twice a week here in my employer.If the weather is good they go out for a walk and talk all the way where they go and go back home.During rainy days she brought some stuffs that they played inside like one time a puzzle and playing cards.And if my old woman was not in the mood she used to tell stories that my employer likes very much. They always changing stories about Efrat's father,they knew each other because they just living in more or less 3 kilometers distance from here. But today's meeting with her was very sad.She did not report from work for more than a week because last week her father was died and only now she come back for work.We did not came during there "seting" due to heavy rains,strong winds ,thunder storms and lightning that past week.

"Seting" here was after the burial start. All friends and relatives came to joined the prayers, in some religious families I observed a long prayer they did.But in some they just come sit,talk,drink coffee,etc.for seven (7) nights.Their custom of burial is something different. If for example someone dies in the morning ,in the afternoon before sunset they must do the burials. There one case I observed here last few years , they wait for few days because one of the children was living outside the country, so they have to wait before burials . In my curiosity I asked them where they stored the body "its in the freezer" one answered me. I don't asked more than that and I don't know where.There's no coffin , the remains was covered by white thick cloth from head to foot.No one touched it but I did in my first employer.I never saw a "morgue" nor heard the word embalmer here or see a funeral homes.

My deepest sympathy to EFRAT, the only daughter alive,and to all their relatives.


dhemz March 3, 2009 at 1:21 AM  

condolence sa imong co-worker tVhing...may her father will rest in peace....:)

Hi! I'm Grace March 3, 2009 at 7:26 AM  

Ganyan pala diyan, Vhing. Thanks for the information. According to the Jewish beliefs, if you touch a dead body, you will be unclean and have to go through a certain procession to make you clean again kasi. Kaya nobody touch it and it is not displayed publicly kasi nga unclean.
By the way, hayaan mo, I'll feature your banner link again... medyo busy pa ako ngayon eh. :)
I want to make you happy.

Anonymous March 3, 2009 at 8:31 AM  

they never saw me.he-he-he.. all of them are in far distance ,I'm alone in one corner then suddenly I saw it above the table without the rabbi.I try to open the face but it was frozen. something hard when I touch.

bweeeeeee.....clean huh!!!

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