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>> Monday, March 02, 2009

Today's lunch is 1/2 cup of plain rice,small chicken leg , a bundles of herbs and grasses(lols) and at the end a glass of tea.I'm using green tea with lemongrass & ginger.Nutritional value per 100ml of this tea are the following:energy(cal) = 0.6 protien(gr.)=o.07,carbohydrates(gr.)0.08, fats(gr.)=0 , sodium(mg)=1.2.Ingredients are chinese green tea,ginger root,lemongrass,lemon peels and natural lemon.

All of those fresh fruits & vege over there is for the whole week. 2 pcs medium size carrots, 2pcs small avocado, 2pcs large red pepper bell, 7pcs med.banana - that means 1 per day only, ngeeek, 1 large orange, 4 pcs small sizes cucumber, 1 big tomato , and big lemon too, note - no cooking! OMG!! how could I survive!.And drink a lot of water or tea everyday. My dear lord now I have runny nose and if I drink more water that means more warm water will comes out from my nose again. Know why, this morning I went to the office where to get all medicines of my old woman for the whole month , I stepped on the weighing scale it measured 78kilos AGAIN!!! So need to work out to throw out 8kilos in fastest days to come. Feeling good in 70 kilos so I don't have choice and do it again.... Diet (kuno).huh!ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks March 2, 2009 at 6:54 AM  

You can survive te...i am thinking of deiting too.kaso laging failed, can't help but eat more than a cup of rice...Geszz if you only know who thin i was as thin as a broomstick sabi nga nila...but it was when i was a mere that my banana is here..naku aside na laging nguya..tamad pang mgtrabaho ng trabahong bahay na ginagawa ko dati dahil sa blogging..its all good anyway..

Anonymous March 2, 2009 at 10:27 AM  

how i wish i have also your "control" eating less.You know,it's a big sacrice for me dieting!And my situat'n here not helps me so much to do so.Nyway,good luck!

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