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>> Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It was reported last week that the two brand names of mineral water here are not good for drinking.These brand names are the only water I'm drinking. Most locals especially the elderly are drinking water directly from the faucets.I can't drink it, I taste something like sea water, sorry but that's the way I taste it. But some workers here are drinking it too as I heard from them. I don't drink any soft drinks also , again sorry to all manufacturers.But in some occasions to where we go and some especial places I'm trying to drink soft drinks but not more than 2 glasses of any drinks if there's no mineral water.Water from the faucets if boiled for coffee or tea also good taste for me. Hot water and lemon I'm drinking during winter seasons.As of now I have stock in my room 5bot.X 2liters each bottle and 2bot. X 1.5liters.If it will finish I hope it will clear the sad news or else it is very hard for me.There are also a lot brands around the market but same taste which is no good for my tongue and my throat.


Anonymous March 5, 2009 at 9:48 AM  

nathamso what's the name of that brand,vhing?

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