Day off in "UKiey"

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday's day off was a great fun I felt I was in my home country then I went to the city of Manila.A place like in Qiuapo,in Divisoria and some other towns around the Philippines . Few years back in Tel Aviv my flatmates always showed thier items that they bought in SURFLUSLANDIA as they named it. I've never been there and I always want to go but I dont have time , I got my day off just twice a year.So yesterday I joined my friends here in Natanya city to go in that place which is near the public market.Here are some pictures I took from there, just few because when one elderly with sewing machine that sewed some curtains saw me she shouted "journalist,journalist" so I stop taking pictures and then came to her spot telling her that I am a caregiver not a reporter.
Oopppssss....sorry .. I almost forgot! hehehe..UKiey , they just named it - means a place where we could buy second hand or old items (okay-okay jud ahh)...everything you can see there are dresses or clothing items, kitchen wares. I saw yesterday sewing machine that look like of my mother  that she used to sewed our uniforms during my high school days.I saw also an electric hand drill but still high in price that's why I did got it.After half an hour I went back and it was already sold out maybe because I make "tawad" for almost 1/4 of the thier price.hahaha pinay eh.
You saw my friend...she bought me a maong short pants(unused pa) worth 5 nis (45pesos) while their given price was 10nis - more or less 100 pesos in the Philippines, nice to wear for summer time..Imagine 5nis here is like "ala lng" you can ask anybody if you like.And just to think 10nis - tatawaran mo pa! I heard one caregiver that they always went there to buy,they clean and fixed it before they send to thier families
as one way of helping some relatives for bargain business.They knew the good quality of cloth because she  was a dressmaker before she came here to work as caregiver.

Good thing was not very noisy like any other public market.


Dhemz March 23, 2009 at 3:46 PM  

hahhaha..sakit ng tyan ko sa kakatawa when reading this imagine ko kasi yung sabi mo sa chat natin...hehhehe...hinabol ka pa ng mama...hahha..napagkakamalan kasi eh...hehhehe!

sing tunog pala yung name te ano...hehhe..ukay ukay talaga...hahhaa...satin sa pinas sosyal kasi nasa ibabaw ng table...dyan eh sa ground lang...hehehe!

buti pa jan may ukay ukay..kakamiss naman..may food stand ba dun dyan know pag nagugutom tayo...hehhe...:)

thanks for sharing tVhing..enjoy na enjoy ako sa pagbabasa...hahaha!

maxiVelasco March 23, 2009 at 11:51 PM  

that's really a good place especially to those who can't afford to live in luxury so much and to those like us na ang trip eh makatipid. hehe.

thanks for sharing and the photos!

momgen March 24, 2009 at 6:39 AM  

na marami yan dito sa US. Minsan punta ako sa Boys/Girls home store nako dami stuff mura lang. Second hand pero parang bago kasi magandang maganda. Alam mo naman mga kano/kana eh di na gusto kahit isang beses lang sinoot eh wala na so bigay nila sa mga thrift store na ganyan. Maraming pinay na yan ang ginawa tapos padala sa Pinas. Ako minsan eh yong pangsimba ko hehhe galing doon kasi magandang maganda tapos ang price eh $1-3 dollars lang. Marami din mga appliances, toys, kitchen stuff basta grabe ako lang mahal padala sa Pinas hehehe.

vhingF March 24, 2009 at 7:37 AM  

kc pa mga
pipol d2 mga tamad mag linis ...gamit lng ng gamit pag madumi na itatapon na, ung mga iba may itikita pa or may tag price pa...mga kasamahan ko madami clang nabili kc small at medium size cla kaya madali maka hanap but me kc espesyal ang size mens wear nag hahanap in terms ng mga pants at jacket.

enjoy talaga ako sa pag punta doon ..super barat din ako kc eh...
kung a tawad lng ang usapan.

thanks sa lahat ng comments mga kabayan....kamusta sa inyong lahat dyan.

Anonymous March 26, 2009 at 10:42 PM  

meron din pla ganyan jan haha

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