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We went to the EENT clinic today for ear check up and cleaning of my old woman both ears.Few weeks ago she almost and cannot heard that the whole family and friends complaining.For me is a bit hard but I have a technique how to deal with to have a lot of patience talking to her.Body language like hand gestures and smiling are my tools so she never felt insulted or got angry with me.

Age-related hearing loss  is also called as presbycusis are the hard work we caregivers encountered. Due of the ability to respond to a  low frequency sounds in speech, family and caregivers are  usually have misunderstanding that also  causing  misinterpretations of some peoples around when they heard in high pitch conversation to an elderly. Hearing loss can affect physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and social functioning to everyone who suffered this.It disables the whole life of a sufferer and sometimes it was interpreted as alzhiemyrs.

Some changes was due to aging that  includes  stiffening of the basilar membrane, hyperostosis, arteriosclerotic and rheologic changes, together with degeneration of the organ of Corti, loss of hair cells, spiral ganglion degeneration and impaired neural regulation of endolymph. Other factors include infectious diseases of the middle and inner ear, noise exposure, drugs like aminoglycoside antibiotics, salicylates, quinidine, loop diuretics and damage to the auditory nerve.

Presbycusis affects primarily frequencies above 1000 Hz. While the frequency of most speech is in the 500-4000 Hz range, certain consonants letters like - e.g. S, Th, F are have higher frequencies. The elderly hearing impaired person may have normal low frequency hearing with loss in the mid and high frequencies.

Prevention of hearing impairment is impossible but to comfort each patient using hearing aids are the best way to do.Like we have here connected to TV set and another was a hearing aid that she wears openly at most of the time.Treatment will just be a check up and cleaning that will be done by EENT doctors.


JessQ June 24, 2009 at 3:52 AM  

I salute you and your kind for the great patience and meticulous care you offer your clients and/or patients.

Unlike physicians or nurses, who may have high possibilities of being impersonal towards their patients, caregivers on the other hand extend a more personal and closer care for their wards.

In your narrative, I was highly impressed by your creativity in using body language and other gestures, or even with a simple smile, as effective tools in bringing about your point towards the patient.

Your deep grasp of the nuances of this age-related degenerative macular deficiency far outweighs your unpolished, yet still very picturesque, use of the foreign tongue.

Hurrah to the caregivers, hurrah to the hard-working Filipino OFWs!!

Keep on writing, my friend!

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