>> Friday, March 27, 2009

I went to a skin doctor this morning for another check up of my "allergy" on my left foot.It was said before , so.. I sacrifice of not eating chicken meat, fish products and others that is related to itching problem.Sometimes I'm eating little rice and banana or ripe mango. My gosh...I cant stay more years if this doctor could not cure again.When the fungus attack I want to climb the nearby tree in my work and it is more than 10  meters in height maybe or more I mean I dont how it is. Or it was lucky always that my husband was far away with me or else I bites him again.I have been in so many doctors that just gave me skin cream,ointments that I imagined of worth of tonnes already.And it seems not helping to stop the itch anymore then painful bothered most because it was already swollen.

This doctor was a friend of my cousin's employer who used to work in one of the hospitals in Tel Aviv.I will tell you later on follow post of this topic if the results will come out.It is a kind of fungus that he even don't want to say because he needs to do biopsy  so that he will  know  exactly what is it.For the meantime he gave me a kind of cream again but it was free or no amount paid.This is the only doctor told me that I need to go to the hospital for biopsy, I know that  this is the right thing to do but here sometimes they just ignore what we are saying. 


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