>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This tag was given to me by CACAI. The tag image is not good to me that I almost not posting these but I love Cacai.Why? I'm near on golden 50's in few years come I  dont want to see it ...sorry. Lucky was I'm friendly that I try to join sometimes the event and its from the bottom of my HEART means a loving friend I am. So the rule of this tag is to answer the questions below on your own. So here's mine:

A# Attached or Single? Attached
B# Best Friend? My mother always scolded me before because my friends are like a batallion of all ages but here are the best below ,they're so good to me.My high school friends names are CORA,NIDA,CHE-CHE and others,my college friends are egn'r MILA,eng'r GEMMA,eng'r CYRINE, Capt MAR,BECCA etc- still have communications even in different parts of the world working and here in blogosphere that help my homesickness away are #1 Rechie, #2 Dhemz,#3 Cacai,#4 Jacky,#5 I'm Grace 1331,#6 MADZ, #7 Are all those in my links list,thank you are all a part of the story of my life.
C# Cake or Pie? Cake.
D# Day of Choice? Sunday-day off.
E# Essential Item? my new pc
F# Favorite Color? light colors
G# Gummie Bears or Worms? dont like both
H# Hometown? Mindoro Islands
I# Favorite Indulgence?  ..........ahhhhhhhh
J# January or July? July- my eldest daughter bday.
K# Kids? 3 teenagers now
L# Life isn't complete without....? my family but far
M# Marriage date? april 30
N# Number of magazine subscriptions? nothing now- di na uso yan
O# Oranges or Apples?
P# Phobias? those who have phobias too-they can influence me
Q# Quotes? the golden rule- " Do not do unto others what you don't want others do unto you." same
R# Reasons to smile? jokes.
S# Season of choice? Spring/summer
T# Tag five people...........none(record breaker) 
U# Unknown fact about me?----------secret
V# Vegetable?.......... all 
W# Worst habit? holding toothpick always
X# X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound. 
Z# Zodiac sign? taurus.


Hi! I'm Grace March 25, 2009 at 3:46 PM  

paganda nang paganda na talaga blog mo, cuz. :)

Cacai M. March 25, 2009 at 9:44 PM  

Hello Ate Vhing, wow na-touch ako ATe! YOu're one of my best here too Te.. and thanks for that. You're such a very cool, nice and amazing person I meet online. I sure treasure you ATe.. who knows, we will meet someday too, dba? Flores are blood in us! o dba? Thanks a lot Te Vhing. muahhh

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