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Last night's visitor was a kind of classy ,concerned to my elderly.She asked me why "I don't want to eat together with my employer". It was dinner time when she arrived without prior noticed.So no choice I let her in even my elderly was taking dinner.As much as possible I dont want to serve food specially the major meals like breakfast , lunch and dinner if someone is coming.Elderly are always talking if they are eating that cause CHOKING and sometimes goes to death.I agree that my employer is not in fragile situation but to avoid worse things to come is the best that I can do.The visitor sat down to the other dinning chair fronting to my employer and no stopping of telling the old,old stories.Time like this is not good ways of story telling. I know that one way of reminding things like telling old stories are great for her to see if she's on it . Reasons  of they don't have time and today's visit is the only way but it is not the right time for elderly.So ..what I did was - I told them to stop talking because my employer was already start choking.It seems that the facial reactions of the visitor was kind of ugly me.It doesn't bother me either, I'm just doing the best thing to my work.My prayers everyday is the good health and life extensions of my employer then suddenly momments like this making me feel bad. I got nervous because how many caregiver have a case like this that the family blames putting to the caregivers.So I just watched her nearly and I can do the fastest way I could whatever needs she wants.

If choking occur to an elderly let her drink a small amount of water then let her stand up to strecth her back or spinal cord as much as possible.Instruct them to have a deep breath as much as they could.Walking inside the house is also good to let the air inside of that certain parts of the body will travel out and drinking water from time to time.It's a big fight by doing this but this is the only way to get her calmdown.Usually they got also nervous because it was a hard breath to do for the elderly.

Note:This is only what I did to my employer,some first aids have different approach and it depends upon the status or ages of the patient.Last thing to know that this is not a kind of major chokes,  what happened last night was  just an awareness of becoming big accidents.


Dhemz April 16, 2009 at 12:07 AM  

nako kakatakot pala pag mangyari yon te ano....honga pala te...marami kabang training class na ginawa before you take that profession...kasi parang Nurse din yung role mo eh...thanks for sharing it pala...may natutunan na ako...aha....hehehe...plan ko ba naman mag nursing puhon....:)

woi tVhing salamat sa mga mensahe mo....nako..simple lang yung handa naman kasi kami lang naman 3 ang nag celebrate...hahaha...kakaloka...anong ingrande...yung ingrande pag may litson at kung ano ano pa...yung ngang cake gawa ko pa yon...hehehe..crisis na kasi kaya napag isipan ko na tipid nalang pinas every year yung handaan kahit wala pera ano....ganon din kami dati...dito nalang ako walang birthday...hehehe...oks lang basta healthy...ay bawal man diay sa imo litson...hehehe!

Ay te salamat pala sa time mo kanina...hope to chat with you next time..ako din minsan..nawawala...kasi nga yung connection lalo na pag mahangin....hehhee!

hala sige salamat ulit!

chubskulit April 16, 2009 at 1:26 AM  

Kakatakot pala maging caregiver no ate vhing..

By the way, I have an array of awards for you!

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