>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I recieved another prize tagged from RECHIE of CHUCHIE'S HIDEAWAY.I made it on my own ways because we are differ in any kind of taste and of any happiness . Not just like an earlier tags and awards but it worth like a winning prize.I'm not planning to post this because the first time I read her post I know it already that I will spend more than a day of doing this.Since RECHIE is my eldest daughter place in my heart even we didin't meet yet personally I can't say NO to her.I did looking all of these since last night and not cleaning my room until I got finished today.I'm thankful also because of this award my things got well organized after so long time that I did not fixing it.You can see below what happened..

These are my manicure and pedicure sets that I'm doing it alone because it worth much here.Back home I have home service worker from the beauty parlor.Since I have foot allergy of more than a year I never touch all these stuffs anymore.
I'm using all of these stuffs only if there are special occasions.Everyday use was only the ponds cream.
I used multi-purpose bar-laundry soap before I went abroad but here take a look of all these things,every body parts has different usage,for hands,hair,for my toe,etc.While before "one for all" is enough.If you noticed the presence of vinegar here buzz me I will tell you, for womens only.
I can't find my jewelries I grab my employer's jewelry box-just few for daily use only and for special occasions was kept in special box also.(sa sanlaan lahat ung akin eh - safe pa doon..hahahaha)

You see what happened to my drawers after all I found all of these stuffs?..So tired and hungry.


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks April 15, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

Hehehe ate Vhing..that was funny, nghalungkay pa talaga kayo para lang sa tag ko..oi sorry po ha..and thanks for the wonderful words are such a loving mom na matiis ang anak at pinagbigyan talaga..hehehe.

As i have notice...di talaga mawawala ang mga accessories as one of those unimportant things in life yet they make us happy..they bring colors to our overall appearance kasi pagka meron blingbling..hehehehe

Pareho tau sa manicure and pedicure...ako rin..i am doing it myself para makakasave..hehehe diba?..saka madali pa naman mafade ang nail polish..sayang lang minsan pg mgbabayad ako tapos mafade agad...

It's nice to know about all that stuffs (soaps) you have te..every body parts. What is that Venigar for? dead curious. I am looking forward to know what is that venigar..cguro po pra sa ano ...pero hindi naman cguro.

Mommy Vhing..thanks for grabbing the tag and for taking time scanning anf finding those unimportants things..i do appreaciate it having some of your precious time hehehe..peace..luv yah

Dhemz April 16, 2009 at 12:12 AM  

hahhhaha...grabi naman tong novena ni chie...sakit mata ko sa kakabasa.....hehehhe...joke!

kakaloka tong presentation mo te..talagang pinaghandaan...hehhehe...organize na organize eh...ako d pa ako ready na grab ang tag na ito kasi dpa ako handa...hehehe!

Thanks for sharing these infos about you tVhing....mahilig ka diay sa nail polishes....hehhehe....:)

kakaloka kasi kinuha ba naman yung jewelry box ng old nya....hahhaha....asan yung sayo? baka ayaw mo pakita kasi madami...d kakasya sa jewelry box...hehhehe!

woi te thanks pala sa tip mo about sa're the best....ehheheh....salamat dha!

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