YOM HASHOAH (20April2009)

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

 Last Sunday I saw mostly stores in the city selling flags that they will use  to have flags displays around thier homes and everywhere in preparations of tonight's "erev hashoah" ceremonies.   We did not attend the village ceremonies few minutes ago because my employer was very sad today when she heard that her best friend , a classmates of her eldest son and nieghbor for long time ago was died in lung cancer. Only two weeks when we saw each other in the dinning room when they are taking lunch with other friends.Everytime she came and saw me outside she always ask me where is my old woman ,and how am I doing with my work.A very nice woman at heart to everybody here.May she rest in peace.

Today's weather was very hot and hard to breath outside until sunset. My employer was in bad mood if the temperature was too high that even the food she don't want to eat.She's watching almost half of the day all programs on television showing thier history and some of what happened this day long time ago.Programs that all related in today's commemoration.



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