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#01.Elderly habbit of SCRATCHING..........****On the picture was the blood under the skin of an elderly after they scratched that certain parts of the body- this is in the arm.Blood passes through small viens but it stops if it scratch-usually at night when they are sleeping. There are some cases that the caregiver holding them tightly in protecting to fall and when the patient was in the position of  out balancing thier body wieght-if you hold it tightly like in the wrist, you can expect after few minutes your hands drawn by blood in that parts where you hold it. Somtimes even you just slowly bump any portion on thier body without any means or by accident  it forms this blood clog.That was just few minutes after she scratched , it will be wider slowly until becoming black then turn again to red and more than a week it will fade out or it depends on how much the energy of scratching or bumping into it.I'm putting this "arnika cream" but not as fast as one day to clean it out. There are some cream that they buy over the counter in any drug stores.

Alzhiemer's patients usually scratching thier ears and nose holes that caused to infections.It also influences us , sometimes we just noticed we then scratches too without feeling of itchyness like in our head and in the nose. I saw last few years one caregiver putting surgical gloves on the hands of her employer to avoid scratching.Alzhiemers patients sometimes recognised medical stuffs so they afraid on it. in one roof with elderly is like watching all her movements everyday and we understand what they want in every moves or gesture they showed to us.


LIFE,MARRIAGE AND KIDS May 15, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

my MIL has this as well!

Dhemz May 16, 2009 at 12:23 AM  

woW! REally? good to know about this inof tVhing...very resourceful ka talaga...thanks for sharing...:)

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