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I'm giving all bloggers this TIPS before you submit or if have plan to attemp to IZEA's paid reviews. I'm just answering below each requirements they wanted to be corrected , ***** are all my opinions  from the bottom of my heart.Anybody here with different emails they recieved PLEASE COPY AND PASTE TO COMMENT BOX so that others may know before they got frustrated too.Hope this information will help others.

Here is some additional information regarding what we expect of the blogs in the IZEA Network. In addition to meeting our Terms of Service, we are looking specifically for blogs that are of a high quality and who exhibit the following:

Good sentence structure, spelling and grammar.
*****I'm not a professional writer, composer to make PRIME MINISTER's or president's speech , sorry my spell checker is not working.

A clean, fresh layout.
*****maybe I need to have vaccum here and air conditioner unit

A blog that sticks to a central purpose, topic or theme.
*****my purpose is to share my experiences to those who plan to be caregivers especially my fellowmen

Blogs with informative and original content.
*****All imformation are written to best of my ability and all are based on my experience

Blogs that have unique content not copied from other sources.
*****I copied from expert YES! then I put my own opinions,views  so that the readers have bases that it was true .

Blogs that load quickly, and do not have too many pictures, flash, widgets and obtrusive music slowing it down.
*****comparing to others was worse , mostly written in this line I don't have it.

Blogs in which the sponsored posts are so well written that it is hard to determine if they are sponsored or not.
***** It's been long  time ago that I stop making review or since the first rejection

Blogs where the majority of content is original non-sponsored content.
*****I don't have sponsored content

Blogs that have primarily content before the fold.
*****I don't know what does this mean

Blogs that contain significantly more content than ads.
*****what ads they are talking

Correctly labeled links that lead to valid sites and not 404 Messages.
*****valid sites!!!??? ERROR!!!???

If your blog does not meet our standards, and does not possess many of the things listed above, your blog will most likely continue to be rejected.
***** they are giving  THREATS 

Please keep in mind that this rejection does not mean that your blog is bad or that you are a bad blogger, it simply means that your blog is not right for our Marketplace at this time.

Should you decide to make some changes to your blog, please be sure to re-submit when your blog meets all of our requirements. In the meantime, feel free to use PPP Direct and Affiliate tools while you work on meeting the requirements of our Marketplace!

Thank you!

John C @ PPP


Clarissa May 18, 2009 at 11:55 PM  

hahahaahaa!!hinde papasa ang blog ko dyan lol!!\(^0^)/

vhingF May 19, 2009 at 9:06 AM  
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dhemz May 19, 2009 at 9:07 AM  

hhahaha...kakatuwa ateVhing ang mga sagot mo....lam mo ba te na mass email nyan nila...di yan because theey review your blog...yung ads pala na sinasabi nila is ads like "adsense, nuffnang, and other stuff"

nako te...pwede ka naman mag submit ng ticket tVhing...the answer parin gamitin mo...pwede nga din yung whole post mo dito ang lagay mo sa ticket mo...:) hehehe!

am sure they will approve your blog...nako dami nga dyan...more than 5 times rejected yung blog na approved naman sa wakas....kaya don't give up...sulong mga kafatid...hehehehe!

katherine May 19, 2009 at 5:41 PM  

HAHAHAHA yan din ang natanggap ko Vhing at may mga sagot din ako na kagaya mo pero sa sinarili ko na lang yon sabay "mura" hahaha. Well, 1 time pa lang naman ako nag submit ng blog ko at kaya nga ako nag palit ng template kasi masyadong colorful yong dati, kasi sabi nga "clean" and layout pero palagay ko priority nila ang mga blogs na nasa US.

Mag su-submit pa rin ako, pero kung disapproved pa rin, isaksak nila sa baga nila ang mga website nila. I can live without them.

Jun May 19, 2009 at 7:57 PM  

Hello Ate,
I am interested in

can you tell to me more about this?

please chat with me or simply send email...

hope to hear you soon.


Arya May 19, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

like you, like me... means rejection with the following same reasons... ha..ha..ha..
should I grap your post to reply their rejection email for me?
*considering and confusing mode ON*

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