>> Friday, May 08, 2009

Yes!'s my ****ty eight birthday last april 24, I recieved a gifts- one from DEMZ blogger down there and fly straight from Sacramento,CA.Below has an image of what she sent - she don't like to post it here so..I decided to put it out in later days..hahahaha.

Jhing_cutie here our friend cook our food again. We decided to do it now because that past weeks we are busy with our work,then a lot of holidays here that our employers also needs to partipate or attend to each celebration because they are a part of the history.And May 01 is our holiday also that we separated our trips-she went to Rosh ha'Nikrah a border of Israel and Libanon.

Here are a part she cooked aside from chicken macaroni salad and other sweets.Swerti mapapangasawa nito-sarap magluto eh.(lucky man whom she get bows ,she's very good chef)

Prepare first all ingredients like carrots,red pepper bell, green pepper bell,cabbage -cut into desired slices of any menu like pansit as the occasion will not go on without it, there is pineapple chunks/tidbits,potatoes -sliced into medium cubes, chicken breast sliced to small cubes, boil soft chicken meat,onions,garlic,black pepper,seassoning-like soy sauce,chicken curry and salt. 
This is chicken cubes with pineapple,green pepper bell,crrots sliced round slant,put a pinch of sugar so cannot smell the meat or pepper- something like kids cuold love it too .
Here  is the beef cubes  meat,potatoes, chicken curry,red pepper bell-sliced in in string style, carrots cuts into bigger cubes, adds seassonings(halatang di me nagluluto-hihihihi)You can put also green peas if you like. 
And last but not the least "ang pansit" bow.Filipino occasions will not complete without these, agree or disagree?-mga pinoy dyan.Just a rice sticks noodles ,meat and all vegetables you like to includes, sauce and mixed everything ...that's all!

This is DEMZ gifts to me...sssssshhhhhh...wak kayo maingay.I'm so proud of hers and thankful to be a mother friend of hers. Hug & kisses to baby and you except to daddy...hmmmmm.bawal I'm still older than him...,hahahaha,hellowwwwwwww.



Chuchie Lopez-Wilks May 9, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

Hello te Vhing.. masyadog mang late pero greet kita na happy Birthday, i wish you more prosperity and of course more more good health...Happy Mother's day sad sa imu te

momgen May 9, 2009 at 12:46 PM  

belated happy birthday Vhing... may God bless you and give more 100 years to have a happy life.... hehhehhe TC

shydub May 9, 2009 at 2:37 PM  

Ang sarap naman ng mga pagkain vhing, at ang sarap pag maraming nagmamahal na kaibigan at kapamilya.sana birthday araw araw kung ganayan kasarap mga pagkain at nice gift from nice people like dhemz. Happy birthday again.and Happy Mothers day to you.

katherine May 9, 2009 at 9:28 PM  

Belated Happy Bday Vhing. Better late than never 'ika nga.

Thanks sa comment. Oh ang lulubog-lilitaw beach, pag high tide, di na pwedeng mag tent doon kasi hanggang diddib ko ang tubig (5"3 height ko), sometimes mas malalim pa.

G.O.D May 13, 2009 at 10:18 PM  

wow nman talagang sobrang bait nyan c dhemz ako din i post ko sa sunod yung gift nila kay nicole nung bday he he diko na picturan pa may toyo camera ko

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