>> Friday, June 05, 2009

Looking for this plant growing and drying around in my location makes me wonders of so many useful health facts if this herbal plant will be in my country.

Amaranthus Spinusos as the given scientific name , uray or kulitis in the Philippines has a lot of health benifits like IODINE, it has high Calories counts if we cook it like vegetables,has an ingredients found in LAXATIVE that used to avoid constipation. I always explaining this to my employer of how important this plant in my place during our time walking around as her daily exercise. She never believed me , all medicine she knows was all in the packages or in the bottles. It is also rich in calcuim, vitamins A, B4 and C. Young leaves if cooked and consumed helps as the easy way out of urine or it has called DIURETIC ingredients.Roots if boiled and drink its water is good to those who suffer bronchitis. But sad to say that in western country or to rich country they just treated as an ordinary grasses around.

Way back when I was young girl and living in the jungle with my grandparents we always cooked this together with the fish.Now I have nieghbor in the Philippines has a lady doctor daughter living and practice her doctoracy in the US is always looking for this plant. She even planting it in her backyard, I can't imagine how this former municipal judge in our place still wanted to eat this kind of herbal plants. Everytime I saw  this kulitis here I automatically remember her face, drawn and came out on my mind. She is now going to the age of ninety (90) if I'm not mistaken.


EastCoastLife June 5, 2009 at 8:32 AM  

I learnt about our traditional herbal cures a month ago and it was fascinating. The older generation depended on their wisdom to cure themselves of illnesses.

I would like to see this plant myself.

Maus June 5, 2009 at 10:10 AM  

thanks for sharing vhing..
na try ko na po ito dati one priest assign in argentina taught me how to used it in suman...if walang lihiya..pinapakulo lng sya then kunin yung katas para pangkulay sa suman latik...

Dhemz June 6, 2009 at 12:08 PM  

wow! is it really?...never know na gamot pala ito...remember ko din samin te...pagkain ito ng baboy....hehhehe..kasi wilds ito eh...lalo na pag may tabako at mais kayo sa farm..mdami to sa pinas...:) thanks for the info...:)

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