>> Sunday, June 07, 2009

One among a lots of duties and responsilities of caregiver that stated on written contract was to accompany thier employer where ever they wanted to go.Inside and outside the house activities is a must and need to follow willingly.

Last Saturday after lunch time we went to the dance studio located inside this village to watched NAAMA. She is the grand daughter of my employer living just few meters from us with her parents and three brothers. She is also playing some musical instruments that she started at very young age.Sitting between yellow and violet as you can see on the image with her white swimming cap. She changed her costume for three times in the whole show as she participated in three different dance category.

Savta, as we usaually called to our employers, was very happy to watching her grand daughter and all performers on their dressed rehearsals.I was so happy too looking at her face smiling and sometimes she was asked from and whom childrens are those partipants performing.Savta usually watched on some tv channels a musical concerts and those classical dance shows.While watching tv shows sometimes she's joing singing in tune of whatever on the shows, clapping hands sometimes too.All programs related to musical dancing shows was she like most. We finished watching the shows without hearing her common complains of tiredness and pains.

I have an advantage compared to other workers that thier employers are not going to any activities outside for some valid reasons. I mean I'm on my work of duty with a complete salary at same time a pleasure like this for free of charge,lol.


klivengood June 8, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

Good for you vhing, at least malingaw ka happy sad ka pag happy imo pasyente.

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