my unfinished visit to YAD VASHIEM

>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

I messed up the most and important things in the history of Holocaust that each one here needs to know. My friends and co-workers went inside where those images and they viewed the nicest story as they told me when they got back to our service car. I had this pains on my legs after our lunch but I ignored it until I almost not to lift my feet when a few minutes roaming the area.Our youngest lady in the group , KLING_KLING also felt not good then invited the three of us to back to the parking area and stayed there until our companions finished their route.(SAYANG talaga! namitig paa ko.)My left leg down to foot had a cramps and sprain, it was so painful that I"ve almost cry but there is no regrets at all for joining the tour.

Around 12 noon when we arrived the area and we are all hungry that most of us just took a cup of coffee leaving early as five in the morning in our respective employer and some are from their rented flats. Five thirty when our service car moved heading Jerusalem then we arrived the proper area of about seven in the morning .
On the left side of this huge concrete post we took our lunch as fast as we could because we need to go back to city of Natanya before four in the afternoon to fix some of our needs to bring in our work place for the whole week .From here there is another area to go but sad to say that all of us was so tired and agree to go back to Natanya. This hot summer heat teach us not to have schedule again some kind of tour like this.
This is inside the Yad Vashiem area.If you notice the circular steel with full of stone pieces in front of me there. All was left by Jewish people visiting the area for the signs of their visits. That is their tradition that even in all cemetery everywhere they are putting stone pieces above the graves of their lost relatives.
See how many peoples around visiting there? so crowded to look around those numbers of tourist from all over the world.
This is outside children's memorial building that I decided not to go inside , it was so dark place then I try to look at the main door I felt dizzy . A very sweaty day going around and no enough air blowing that time when we are there.

Way to the video room to view their history how it was written.I did not got in also , I'm looking the water fountain that I need to wash my face to relieves of what feeling with. Or maybe I had a bunch of lunch as you can see my tummy was full . I ate "pinakbet" , special menu of all veggies exclusive for filipinos only. And spicy " bagoong alamang "(preserved salted baby shrimps).... ahhhhh.....what a great fun and food festival for us because we cannot cook and eat all of these to our work place especially to those worker for religious families.

Most of us felt like no more energy and power to walk through the hills, I felt I have dry mouth down to whole parts of my body. We just brought small mineral water when we enter that we don't have any idea how far we gonna walk.I look around from the highest peak of the area that I felt I crossed two high mountains. I don't know or maybe we are just staying all the time inside the house looking after our employers need.


shaine July 20, 2009 at 2:43 AM  

My first time to hear about Yad vashiem. grabe te, hirap kaya umakyat kpg mainit panahon, dapat punta jan kapag winter. Marami pa talaga ako dapat maikot sa israel.
Hnd kasi ako sumasama sa trip, busy lagi kpg saturday na. haval.....

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks July 20, 2009 at 4:55 AM  

ayy.. sad to hear about your unfinished exploration te...hindi nkisama si "Paa" hehehhehe but its all good least you were able to go out with your co-filipinas. It is nice knowing that Filipinas there are able to bond together

Rolly July 20, 2009 at 8:23 AM  

grabeng lakwatsa talaga...nakakapagod lalo na kung summer

katherine July 20, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

wow, gaganda ng pictures vhing. super ganda. kung naa ko diha, tanang sulok kay mag picture jud ko nyahaha.

Clarissa July 21, 2009 at 2:45 PM  

It's my first time to know about Yad Vashiem sayang nga lang talaga at di maganda ang ang pakiramdam ng feet mo.Good to hear that inspite of that you have still enjoy the rest of your trip ^_^

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