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>> Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sunday, Sept 06,2009..I joined the "Jesus is Lord" groups (Natanya) for their tour in some biblical sites in Jerusalem. is means that we went to most of the archaeological dug ups and under the grounds sight seeing ruins during the second temple of religious wars.

Our first stop by was in Mt. Olives that most tourist came for early morning sight seeing on the other side of the hills that we saw the city of David ruins and the tip of the golden dome.
I'm trying to ignored this beggar when I step down to our service bus but he hold my bag asking for alms.He still strong enough to work I thought, so I did not gave any cents.This is in Mt. Olives scene in front of the hotel.

Way down to the service bus, front view of the hotel.Olives trees are everywhere
On our way or before the service bus travel we are always praying, the driver was always the regular (suki na) contact with this groups and if he heard praying he respect also by turning off his car stereo music.....Why this two women not closing their eyes? hmmm...woman in pink was Sis Digna - maybe she was calculating our expenses silently on her mind and the other one is Dorothy...ahhh..I knew it, she is planning all the pauses she need to be on her photographs, picture maniac yan eh...hahaha like me.
On the Mt.Olives Tent/church of JIL groups with pastora Tess in yellow and another pastor minister I think in checkered blouse
Another menorah statue behind us in front of Knesset/parliament building in Jerusalem.
Behind me is the parliament building or Knesset, so ..I standing in between the biggest menorah and the Knesset building
We are now in synagogue, silence is strictly observed, look at the door frame I'm still lucky I can got inside but if I'm gain another 5 kilos I cannot get inside I'm sure.
This is what we found inside.....wait... I will ask first what is that thing covered behind me!? ..di kc ako nakikinig sa lecturer eh...hahaha...imagine ko lang puntod ni KING DA
ENTRANCE/EXIT GATE we finished exploring the museum.
Those are the miniatures of ruins of the Jerusalem during the second temple.It is sorrounded by concrete walls.Nice works and design talaga, kung baga sa plants bonsai pero mga infrastructure yan during the stone age. King David palace and the east west gates . etc.Steel railings are just high as above the waistline . In every corner or there are a lot of signages " do not climb " sa lupa naka lagay ang iba, ala naman akyatan ...nagtataka lng ako.
Jumping for joy in Israel Museum vicinity -mga nakawala sa amo hahaha
Ooppsss...seems there is serious forum here, sorry I didn't heard what it was.nag dugtong na kilay ni kumpare eh,..pero teka...kumare pala ...hehehe
here is the BREAD much is the one piece?hanep sa english eh.. 5-10 nis, what!? without gold? about with that pounded herbs and how does it taste? a lil sour and smell mints,there is a pepper taste also. ngeee...I remembered the "apog & buyo " then "nganga " for mangyan ..hahhaha
okey ...I want only one without that ground herbs because the streets on the way we are tracking was so clean they immediately will see if I 'll blow...So plain bread breakfast . I woke up 4am and I slept 2 am that night and now is already 10 am...
We just came out from the last suffer room at the rear building, why so happy ? because we saw the only one street bread vendor...all hungry...
Look...c Dorothy ung naka talikod...right side with checkered blouse was the guide lecturer at saan ako...hehehehe..di talaga nakikinig pakaway kaway pa hahahaha
Before we entered the city of David site/sanctuary I heard??? hehehe...we are all excited but when we came out there a lot of traffic police , they suspected the bag left in nearby trash bins has a bomb. So...we ran to our service bus and left the area immediately. alah! bilis namin ..hehehe


maxivelasco September 10, 2009 at 10:20 AM  

hello Ate VhingF! thanks for sharing your experience and the photos. sana makapunta rin ako jan one day para maexperience ko rin yung naexperience mo. kailangan kaya yun? hehe.

ingat lagi.


dhemz September 10, 2009 at 11:44 PM  

waaa....spoting na spoting si ateVhing ah...nice pa yung posing...hehehe!

kakatuwa naman...hindi ba naman binigyan..korek..pag nakita mong nakakalakad pa..nako....wag bigyan...hahahhaha!

salamat pala sa dalaw mo te...d parin ako maka leave ng message sa SB eh..kakaloka yung nag banned sakin....:)

sa wakas nakakahinga narin ako this week..wala na martes na ulit...dami blog hop to linis bahay pa...kakaloka...:)

daan din me dito hop muna ako..kaka simula ko lang...sige...ingat lagi...hehee!

wala man star margarine dito para kay akesha...hehehe..gamit nila butter..sarap ng margarine..kakamis..lalo na yung STAR...hehehhe!

Rolly September 11, 2009 at 1:57 PM  

grabe talagang lakwatsa ninyo dyan...hay pulubi naman, sana binigyan mo nalang para matahimik..heheh

Rolly September 12, 2009 at 8:51 AM  

congrats pala sa panalo mo, hall of fame ka na rin. I paste mo yong ano ng hall of fame

Hi! I'm Grace September 12, 2009 at 9:52 PM  

I love the pics, Cuz Vhing. Sana nga makapasyal man lang ako diyan sa Israel. :)
Ingat ka palagi.

hopeful September 13, 2009 at 7:10 AM  

Hi TVhing,It's been a long time na rin since my last visit. Naging busy din kc ako. You have great photos here.

Ay nku ang beggar pag binigyan mo yan for sure balik-balik japon na sila. Ang daming pulubi sa Pinas alam mo na yon, they can still work but just very lazy they prefer to beg. Ang iba dyan may gana pang magalit if di sila bigyan!

katherine September 13, 2009 at 4:54 PM  

grabeng lakwatsa mo vhing...kakainggit...natawa ako sa 2 ladies na wala mipikit ang mata...layo diay kaayo gihunahuna hehehe

Meryl (proud pinay) September 13, 2009 at 6:16 PM  

hello teh! ang sasaya ng pictures mo ha! ^_^ i like yung posing mo teh..

naku katakot naman un pulubi..talagang hinawakan pa un bag mo...

Clarissa September 13, 2009 at 8:07 PM  

Thanks for sharing your Jerusalem photos--I enjoyed them a lot!!Ang daming pinay mong kasama!!Dito sa amin,isa lang ang kakilala kong pinay dito,madalang pa kaming magkita(T_T)

A.M.I.N.A September 14, 2009 at 8:36 PM  

wow!So nakahabol ka rin, I was thinking di ka naka-join dahil sa biglaang change of departure time.Anyhow, buti ka pa jan, pa tour-tour.NIce photos.Hope to be there someday :P

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